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『Trading business(Exporting tires)』

Main destinations for export
・South America

We export tires loading into 40ft containers.
Please click here to contact TIRENETWORK EXPORTING DEPT.

◆Exporting new, used and retreaded tires and used tires for retreading.
◆We accept PC, LT, TB and with wheels.

Used tires are collected, inspected and exported on demand to each of the above stated areas. Generally, over 1,000 tires fit in each 40ft container, though depending on tire size, this number may vary.

We take orders for these containers.
The average months sees approximately 10 containers exported.
◆In order to pack our containers more efficiently, we can load smaller tires inside larger ones.
This may we can fit over 2.000 tires in one container.

The image to the left shows 3 tires in the space to one, we can generally pack 2 to 4 tires in the space of each one.
There are not often companies in the country who undertake this packing procedure.
In February, 2012, we broke the record by packing 3.227 tires into 1 container !
135-12 STUDLESS 65pcs145-12 STUDLESS 453pcs
155UP-12 STUDLESS 84pcs145-13 STUDLESS 94pcs
155UP13 STUDLESS 336pcs155/65R13 372pcs
155/65R14 STUDLESS 30pcs165/70R14 STUDLESS 125pcs
175UP-14 STUDLESS 757pcs185/65R15 STUDLESS 130pcs
195/60R15 STUDLESS 47pcs195/65R15 STUDLESS 313pcs
205UP-15 STUDLESS 182pcs195/80R15 STUDLESS 20pcs
205UP-16 STUDLESS 105pcs205UP-17 STUDLESS 89pcs
175/80R15 STUDLESS 20pcs175/80R16 STUDLESS 5pcs

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